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A eshte e nevojshme Tezkija apo Diploma para se me dhan Mesim dhe Dau'et? Sh Feuzan

Is Tazkiyah (or Graduation) Required Before One Teaches and Gives Da'wah? Part 11: Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan
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Sunday, October 06 2013 - by Abu.Iyaad 
Key topics: Tazkiyah 

Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan answers a question regarding tazkiyaat (commendations) and shahaadaat (certificates) with respect to knowledge and teaching (mp3):
يقول فضيلة الشيخ وفقكم الله : هل يكفي لمن أراد تعليم الناس أمور دينهم , هل يكفي أن يحمل شهادة جامعية , أم لا بد له من تزكيات العلماء

He says, esteemed Shaykh, may Allaah grant you success: Is it sufficient for a person who wishes to teach the people the affairs of their religion, is it sufficient that he holds a university certificate, or must he have commendations (tazkiyaat) from the Scholars?

لا بد من العلم ...ما كل من حمل شهادة يصير عالم ، لا بد من العلم والفقه في دين الله ... والشهادة ما تدل على العلم ! قد يحملها وهو أجهل الناس ! وقد لا يكون عنده شهادة وهو من أعلم الناس ... هل الشيخ ابن باز معه شهادة؟!! هل الشيخ ابن إبراهيم؟! هل الشيخ ابن حميد ! هل هم معهم شهادات ! ومع هذا هم أئمة هذا الوقت فالكلام على وجود العلم في الإنسان والفقه في الإنسان ... لا على شهاداته ولا على تزكياته ما يعتبر هذا ! ... والواقع يكشف الشخص : إذا جاءت قضية أو حدثت ملمة تبين العالم من المتعالم والجاهل. نعم

It is necessary to have knowledge... Not everyone who holds a certificate becomes a scholar (by way of that), (but) knowledge is vital, and understanding (fiqh) of the deen of Allaah! A certificate does not indicate knowledge. A person could hold (a certificate) yet he is the most ignorant of people... and he may not have a certificate yet he is the most knowledgeable of people. Did Shaykh Ibn Baz have a certificate with him? Did Shaykh Ibn Humayd? Did they have certificates? Yet alongside this, they were the leading Imaams of this time. Hence, the speech (revolves) around the presence of knowledge in a person, and (the presence) of understanding in a person! Not about his certificates and commendations (tazkiyaat), that is not given consideration. And the reality will uncover a person, when an issue comes along, or a calamity arises, then the (true) scholar will become clear from the pseudo-scholar and the ignoramus. Yes.

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