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Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahUllaah for Salafi brothers of A’Shkodera, Albania

The answer of Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahUllaah for Salafi brothers of A’Shkodera, Albania.

I have visited 1 (Ziyaret) Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahUllaah on Sunday - 12 / 2 / 1435 AH, after the Maghrib prayer in the presence of: Shaykh, Dr. Muham-mad ibn Galib, Shaikh Arafaat ibn Hasan al-Muham-mad and two other brothers from Bahrain, at this time Shaykh Arafat read a question addressed to Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree from the brothers who deal with Salafi Da’wah (Islamic call) in the city of A’Shkodera - Albania.

Shaykh Arafaat ibn Hasan al-Muham-mad hafidhahullaah:

Question: Noble Shaykh: -may Allaah preserve you - we are a group of Salafis from A’Shkodera Albania, we hope from you to reply to the following question:

A Salafi brother of ours has donated (Waqf) a piece of land to build a Salafi Masjid and other educational services to be in service of Salafi Da'wah now and in the future inshaa-Allaah.
But if we want to build a Masjid in our country, we should definitely get the approval of the Islamic Community (al-Masihkhah al-Islamiyah) for this thing.

And the approval cannot be gated from them only until after passing the ownership of the donated land (Waqf) to them, and after that they possess the authority to use the land and what it is build on it, whether it is a Masjid or something else. Also they possess the authority of choosing the Imam’s of the Masjid’s.

We point out that this Masihkhah (Community) fights the Salafis and the Salafiyyah and distort their image.

This Masihkhah (Community) prohibits students belonging to the Salafi Manhaj graduated in Islamic Universities to Imamate and teaching in Masjids.

Those who guide (the leaders of) this Muas-sasah (association, namely the Muslim Community) belong to deviated groups from Sufis and Hizbiyyah.

For building the Salafi Masjid we possess a two way (route):

First: By the way of Masihkhah (Community), (i.e. through them), and preceded the above clarification of their status and their hatred for the Salafis and Salafiyyah.
If we agree with them to build a Masjid we definitely should donate the land to them, and after that we do not trust them and recently we have given them the land together with the Masjid, because the deal with them is only verbal.

Secondly: is: that a group of brothers to establish a muas-sasah (association) religious-cultural chartered by the Court and this land (Waqf) to stay in the ownership of the brother who donated, and then on this land to build a building to use it on behalf of muas-sasah (association) as Salafi Masjid or center.

The question is: What is your orientation –guidance- for us? What to do about this and which path to follow to build a Salafi Masjid?

Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahUllaah, answers:

I agree with the second (i.e. the second way), separated from it Masihkhah (Community); this Masihkhah it is not true. Establish a muas-sasah (association) to bring together (Unite) the Salafis.

Then one of the participants said that some (people) say that this association is Hizbiyyah.

Then the Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahullaah said (what they say (i.e. those people) that this muas-sasah is hizbiyyah) not impairs (i.e. hurt them)

O my sons: Hizbi’yyah is ​​based on ‘Al-WalaWa'l-Bara', but this muas-sasah ‘No’, is ‘Not’ Hizbi’yyah, this is jam'iyyah (association) khayriyyah (charity), it is not based on ‘Al-WalaWa'l-Bara'.

Hizbi’yyah is that if you do not pray at their Masjid they hate you and if you do not take their permission then they hate you, but (this second way) it is not in any way Hizbi’yyah.

Send (conway) to them my Assalam and tell them (Salafi brothers in A'Shkodera) that, I (Ubayd Ibn Abdilah Al-Jaabiree) give them a Fatawa for this (the second way).

Shaykh Arafaat ibn Hasan al-Muham-mad hafidhahUllaah:

They also have another question:

We also have another question related to teaching the Salafi brothers either in masjid or in Markaz (center):

Do allowed one of our Salafi brothers - who graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Call for Arabic Language and Islamic Studies ​​in Libya, and later graduated for Magister (degree) in Fiqh - to teach the brothers only through translation of commentary Salafi scholars books, because some people have conditioned for him to have tazkiyah from any scholar or to have studied with scholars?

Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahUllaah answers:

While you possess a degree from the University, this it is sufficient for you.

By Allaah, O my sons yet I'm not trying to get tazkiyah from no one.

Believe that he who intends the Sunnah, he teaches others the Sunnah, write books to help the Sunnah, Allaah will help him, and to him will come tazkiyah.

Few are those who take tazkiyah.

This muas-sasah (association) when completed, - may Allaah bless you (this center) - and you choose the books to teach, then he who is pure in Akidah, in Ikhlaas for Allaah and in following the Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, his work and actions will give a tazkiyah for him.

He who fears Allaah, Allaah gives him a way out.

The answer is wroten in Arabic from our brother: Alben Aliu al-Albani may Allah preserve him.
Approved with the researching of: Shaykh Arafaat Ibn Hasan al-Muham-mad hafidhahullaah.
Al-Madinah Al-Nabawiyah 17 / 2/ 1435 H

Translated the question and answer in Albanian language from brother, Astrit Hoxha (Abu Adam) hafidhahullaah.

And in English brother, Abu Yusuf al-Albani (Arbrit Kraja)

A’Shkodera Albania. 18 / 2/ 1435 H. (21/ 12/2014)

1. Note:
The question was sent formulated in Arabic from A’Shkodera to Shaykh Arafaat Ibn Hasan al-Muham-mad, through the student Alben Aliu to draw his Honorable Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahullaah.

The answer given from Shaykh Ubayd Ibn Abdillah Al-Jaabiree hafidhahullaah, is wroten by student Alben Aliu and was send only after being searched and received approval from our noble brother and beloved Shaykh: Shaykh Arafaat Ibn Hasan al-Muham-mad hafidhahullaah.


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